Obsidian Scheduler 1.2 Released!

We’ve added more to Obsidian Scheduler. Version 1.2 is now available here. Features added in this release include Description annotation on job class enables inline help in admin web app Scheduled one-time runs New Job Status supporting any unscheduled events (ad hoc & chaning) Bundled Winstone support for quick start Option to wait indefinitely for … Read more

Obsidian Scheduler 1.1 Released!

We’ve been working hard to make Obsidian Scheduler even better. Version 1.1 is now available. Features added in this release include Perfectly distributed load balancing across runnings hosts within seconds of pool membership changes Header icons indicating the number of active hosts Ability to disable targeted scheduler instances without shutting them down Ad hoc job … Read more

Obsidian Scheduler 1.0 Released!

We are proud to announce version 1.0 of Obsidian Scheduler, which features built-in failover, load distribution and scripting support, is out today. We are proud to direct you to our demo and invite you to download a fully-functional trial.


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