An easy-to-use scheduler with robust features

Native load-sharing, clustering and failover. Obsidian is designed for high availability

Not a black-box like other schedulers – job history and events are logged for review and troubleshooting.

Implement jobs in Java or integrate it with your language of choice. You can also use your favourite scripting language with no need for software builds – Python, Groovy, BeanShell and Javascript are supported out of the box.

Seamless Spring integration.

Define prioritization and conflicts for competing jobs.

Native, LDAP-based or custom authentication, with support for read-only, normal and admin users.

A comprehensive job scheduling and management REST API, plus an Embedded API when not run in a web container.

Advanced notification support including custom email templates – be alerted when things go wrong, or even see results from a job when it completes.

Implement job workflow with job chaining based on job states or use advanced conditional chaining based on job output.

A full management and monitoring admin web application serves as your link to controlling and monitoring your scheduler instances.

Various deployment options including standalone, embedded and combined web application/scheduler deployments.

Obsidian Scheduler is an excellent product which works out of the box. It addresses complex concerns like scalability and redundancy and provides an excellent administration user interface.

To top it up, the Obsidian Technical support has been of great help whenever we needed – from giving recommendations, advice, troubleshooting as well as taking in user suggestions/improvements. 

Nadeem Nayeck, Head of R&D
Mauritius, iQera

Try Obsidian yourself.

A live Obsidian Scheduler installation at your fingertips.

Full access to schedule jobs, view logs and history, and make various other changes in a clustered environment.

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